Other benefits of Kittridge Dermatology include:

See a board-certified dermatologist today.

With little wait times in the office.

Save money on your Rx.

We dispense medications in-office. This saves you a trip to your pharmacy and keeps money in your pocket.

No guessing games here. Our prices are transparent.

The fee schedule for medical services can be found under the “Pricing” section.

Quality care shouldn’t have to break the bank.

By eliminating third parties, costs are reduced significantly and Kittridge Dermatology is able to pass these cost savings onto you.

Office visit fees include the cost of most simple procedures.

The cost of most simple procedures that can be completed within the scheduled amount of time is included in the cost of your office visit. Simple procedures include most procedures not requiring suture ie. skin tag removals, shave biopsies, destruction of benign lesions, destruction of pre-cancers, treatment of warts and more. *Pathology fee billed separately.

You deserve extended, relaxed visits.

To allow for more face-to-face time with the doctor during your appointment, Dr. Kittridge limits the number of visits daily to around 15 patients, where most dermatologists see upwards of 60 patients a day.

Use your health savings or flex spending accounts ’cause thats what they are for!

Upon request, receipts are provided to patients to submit for reimbursement (as allowed by some private insurance companies).

Don’t sacrifice your privacy.

To help protect your private health information from cyber attacks and to increase the time spent directly with the doctor (instead of a computer screen), Kittridge Dermatology utilizes paper charts.

Schedule or chat with us 24/7, 365.

You may schedule appointments online at YOUR convenience, for as much or as little face-to-face time that fits YOUR needs or desires. Staff are easily accessible via email or phone to help answer any questions you may have and to coordinate scheduling for those that prefer the traditional method.

No one likes surprise bills in the mail, so we don’t send them!

What you pay at the time of your office visit is the only fee that you owe. These fees are clearly posted under “Pricing” for complete transparency. You will not receive a surprise bill in the mail after your office visit.