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June 2019

The Kittridge Dermatology sponsorship table at the Pittsburgh Melanoma Foundation's 8th annual 5K run/walk Kittridge Dermatology staff volunteering during the Pittsburgh Melanoma Foundation's 8th annual 5K run/walk.. Kittridge Dermatology staff handing out water to participants of the Pittsburgh Melanoma Foundation's 8th annual 5K run/walk.

Kittridge Dermatology was proud to sponsor the Pittsburgh Melanoma Foundation’s 8th annual 5K run/walk for the second year in a row! The @pghmelanomafoundation raised over $85k in 2018 that was donated to Allegheny Health Network for melanoma research. With record breaking attendance at the race, we cannot wait to see them break more fundraising records this year in their fight against melanoma!

May 2019

Dr. Kittridge shares her thoughts regarding the effectiveness of moisturizers with SPF with New Beauty Magazine in article. screenshot of article by Dr. Kittridge for New Beauty Magazine.

Dr. Kittridge, amongst other experts (@drcarolinechang @eliasdermatology @drdintiman @drsandralee @draleksandrabrown @jenkitchin3 @drigorchaplik.), is honored to share her thoughts regarding the effectiveness of moisturizers with SPF with New Beauty Magazine. Many thanks to @danifontani and @newbeauty for getting expert opinions from board certified dermatologists! Read the full article at the link below to start your journey to healthy skin!

Dermatologists Explain Why Moisturizers With SPF Are Less Effective Than Pure Sunscreen

March 2019

March 2019 New Beauty Magazine featuring Dr. Kittridge

Dr. Kittridge answers questions regarding cost effective ways of treating hyperpigmentation for New Beauty Magazine article. Read the full article at the link below to start your journey to even-toned skin!

Dermatologists Reveal the Most Cost-Effective Ways to Beat Hyperpigmentation

January 25, 2019

Girls Hope of Pittsburgh Inc. Evening of Hope event at St. Clair Country Club. Dr. Kittridge has enjoyed being a captain of this event for the past several years. Girls Hope of Pittsburgh is a nonprofit organization that helps academically capable and motivated children-in-need to meet their full potential. By providing a nurturing, family-like home, opportunities, and a quality education through college, the Girls Hope organization breaks through barriers in their environment to allow young women to excel. Check out other upcoming events for Girls Hope.

Dr. Kittridge attends the Evening of Hope event put on by Girls Hope of Pittsburgh Inc. Dr. Kittridge attends the Evening of Hope event put on by Girls Hope of Pittsburgh Inc.  Dr. Kittridge attends the Evening of Hope event put on by Girls Hope of Pittsburgh Inc.

November 24, 2018

KDKA interview about Direct Care and how it can benefit you with Tom Yakopin of West Penn Life and Health Insurance! Take a listen as several physician leaders in the Direct Care practice model share their experience, including Dr. Kittridge. Her interview starts at minute 36! 
 Dr. Kittridge discusses the benefits of a Direct Care Model with KDKA
If you have any questions about how Direct Care can specifically benefit you, feel free to reach out to us!

September 28, 2018

Direct Care Physicians of Pittsburgh photo shoot in Downtown Pittsburgh. DCPP was established by a group of multi-specialty physicians with the goal of connecting patients with direct care physicians and affordable healthcare resources. Learn more at Direct Care Physicians of Pittsburgh!

Dr. Kittridge meets with other leaders of Pittsburgh's Direct Care approach to patient well-being.

August 23, 2018

Feels like Fall is on the way! See Dr. Kittridge’s fall/winter skin care recommendations on page 80 of the USC Today Fall Edition 2018. You can access the article online at USC Today Magazine.

Exam Room at Kittridge Dermatology

July 26, 2018

KDKA radio interview with Dr. Kittridge for those who were not awake to listen at 7:07am Thursday, July 26!
KDKA features Dr. Kittridge in a new interview.

July 25, 2018

“If my patients are happier, then I’m happier. That’s what this is about.”- Dr. Ashley Kittridge in an interview with the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. Read the full story below!

Dr. Kittridge is featured in a new article from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette

July 12, 2018

Peters Township Native Launches Innovative Healthcare Model with Direct Pay Dermatology

For Immediate Release: July, 12 2018 Pittsburgh, PA.  After recently leaving a Robinson Township Weirton Medical Center practice, Dr. Ashley Kittridge is starting her own dermatology practice, a traditional practice with a modern twist. Kittridge Dermatology is opening its doors in a few weeks to every patient regardless of their insurance carrier. How, one might ask? Because insurance will not be accepted in Kittridge’s Upper St. Clair office. Following in the footsteps of dermatological innovative care frontrunners like Oregon Coast Dermatology, patients will receive quality care at a fair price, with no insurance card necessary.

Changes in the healthcare industry have given insurers and hospital systems uncontrolled pricing power, which has led to rising healthcare costs in Western PA. As a result, independent physicians are finding themselves seeing more patients, and spending less time with each patient, while their practices’ profits are being gobbled up by dueling third party companies. Fighting the fight requires independent physicians in the area to get creative, develop new revenue streams, and build strong networks with other independent physicians to lower costs and stay alive. The necessities such as supplies, business services, and other practice management items come with a premium price tag for independent practices, while hospital owned practices are minimally responsible for such expenses. Direct pay models have become increasingly more common, especially among younger physicians looking to stay independent.

“Patient care is my focus,” says Dr. Kittridge. “Not only will my patients have access to me when they have questions, but they can also get an appointment within a week,  schedule their appointments online at their convenience and schedule for as much time as they feel is needed or desired.”

Dr. Kittridge adds…

“The restrictions that typically cause physicians in a traditional healthcare setting to be buried in nonsense work are lifted through the direct care model, allowing me to spend time where it really counts – with patients. By cutting out the middleman, medications, procedures and tests in my practice will cost only a fraction of third party insurance costs. The concept is shaping the future of healthcare and I am excited to be bringing it to Pittsburgh.”

About Kittridge Dermatology: A direct pay (cash pay) practice is an innovative, growing healthcare model. Kittridge Dermatology does not participate with any insurance or government healthcare program, which means that we are third-party free. Patients pay a reasonable fee for their care in our office at the time of service. We do not work for insurance companies or the government. We work for our patients. Patients always see Dr. Ashley Kittridge, D.O., a board-certified dermatologist, not a PA or nurse practitioner. Referral hassles and restricted provider networks are never a concern. Dr. Kittridge spends the time necessary to address each patients’ needs. Since she is third-party free, Dr. Kittridge does not have conflicts of interest with respect to continuity of care. Her priority is what is best for the patient, not what is mandated by an insurance company. Excessive rules and mandates have resulted in skyrocketing healthcare costs. Patients pay expensive insurance premiums yet still cannot afford care due to high deductibles and co-pays. To make matters worse, patients have no idea what their out-of-pocket costs are until they receive a surprise bill months later. Kittridge Dermatology takes a simpler approach. By eliminating third parties, costs can become transparent and savings can be passed onto the patient. Patients know up front what they will pay for their care.

Portrait of Dr. Ashley Kittridge

June 16, 2018

Kittridge Dermatology was a sponsor of the Pittsburgh Melanoma Foundation 7th annual 5K run/walk hosted in South Park, PA. Proceeds from the 5k will benefit the Pittsburgh Melanoma Foundation, which donates their funds to melanoma research and awareness programs. The foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit charity founded and operated by volunteers who have personally been affected by melanoma.

May 19, 2018

Kittridge Dermatology teamed up with the Pittsburgh Melanoma Foundation and hosted a booth at the USC Community Day to raise awareness for skin cancer and to support the mission of the Pittsburgh Melanoma Foundation.

Kittridge Dermatology teams up with the Pittsburgh Melanoma Foundation to host a booth at the USC Community Day